Frankland Islands, a natural wonder

The Frankland Islands is our secret that we want to share with you.

Frankland Islands, a natural wonder

Come and see the Great Barrier Reef in the beautiful Frankland Islands with us on our Outback Coast and Caves adventure.

The Frankland Islands are our secret that we want to share with you. It’s part of a beautiful archipelago located 45 minutes south east of Cairns, consisting of five islands. Normanby, High, Russell, Round and Mabel are the names of the islands in the group that have a long and proud indigenous history.

It was home to the Mandingalby Yindinji and Gungandij Aboriginal people who thrived with the abundant sea life, vegetation, birds and coral reef. In the 1770 Captain James Cook named the islands after a lord of the Admiralty Sir Thomas Frankland. High, Mabel and Round Islands later became national parks in 1936.

Frankland Islands, Courtesy Tourism & Events Qld

Included in our Outback Coast and Caves tour is a full day to explore the tropical island of Normanby where you can snorkel from the beach on a guided snorkel tour in the pristine waters.  There is time to walk with a Master Reef Guide around the island to exploring  the lush rainforest and the rocky pools that fringe the island.  These coral outcrops are home to colorful coral, brilliant tropical fish, sea turtles and giant clams which are a wonder to behold when you see them up close.

You will be well cared for with a marine biologist joining you on the island to help answer all your questions. Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea is all catered on the island, so all you have to do is enjoy the natural beauty at your own pace and discover the path less travelled through this magical National Park.

Remember small group tours sell out fast.  We would be pleased to answer your questions and put you in touch with one of our preferred travel agents to place your booking.

A special place you will be bursting to tell your friends about.